Today the main story where i live is about refugees from our neighbouring country Somali, the number of displaced persons is over one million and according to the Government Spokesman Mr. Alfred Mutua the trek is due to hunger. Some of the affected people having walked over 100s of Kiliometres yet they are Women and Children. He also says the Border is closed though no refugees have been returned but the situation is grave and camps should be built in Somalia. What do we do, please consider sending one unit of your national currency or more to the nearest Red cross or Red Cresent association near you. Jambo it is now 5/8/2011 about two weeks since the first post, what a response to the request for support, this is really encouraging. By 5th August 2011, the Kenyan public have through an initiative of Kenyans for Kenyans raised Kshs 100million through an M pesa initiative.

The Story Because Hunger At Somalia

About The Hunger In Somalia

The nations of Iraq and Syria lie in that part of the world which is in the very cradle of civilisation. The region where our species first adopted a farming lifestyle, and first established sedentary communities. The region lies near the birth centre of three of the world’s most significant religions and was home in ancient history to such landmark cities as Babylon (Iraq), Hattusa (Turkey), and Jerusalem (Israel and Palestine), Persepolis (Iran) and Petra (Jordan). Damascus, the capital of Syria, is said by some to be the oldest continuously inhabited city on Earth. And just a little further afield are the extraordinary sites of Egypt, Crete and Greece. It goes without further comment that this region is the richest in the world for archaeological treasures.

Literally tens of thousands of historically important sites can be found here, and many of these lie within the modern boundaries of Iraq and Syria. The sudden take over by ISIL of a large part of these two countries in 2014 shocked the world. Immediate concern was over the fate of non-Muslim hostages kidnapped by the group. But it has since emerged that ISIL, who follow a very extreme iconoclastic form of Sunni Islam called Wahhabism, had other targets too – the myriad archaeological sites and historic buildings of the region. Why have they decided to attack buildings? It’s not entirely clear, but several reasons have been conjectured. ISIL cannot tolerate any culture which deviates from their world view.

This includes not only Christian or Jewish sites and sites which predate the rise of these two religions, but also Muslim mosques which reflect a different form of Islam such as Shi’ism or Sufism. It’s not just architecture either. Any images or structures perceived as being idolatorous have also been attacked. Thus, ancient images of polytheistic gods, depictions of human beings or animals, and even the graves of Islamic prophets and revered historical figures, have fallen foul of ISIL. Entire buildings and complexes of buildings which exhibit any of these characteristics have apparently been deemed ‘un-Islamic’ and ear-marked for destruction by the group. However, not all antiquities which have come within the realm of ISIL control have been destroyed. Some of the smaller, more transportable pieces, have been sold to fund its military and state building enterprises – a certain practicality overriding the ideology. And with sound reasoning.

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