For those of you citizens of Indonesia certainly, know the name of that domino. is the name of a card that small around 3x5cm, these dominoes have a number of different points on one side. The point at the card later will be calculated with values that vary depending on the type of the game of dominoes is played.

different Values on the dominoes

different Values on the dominoes consists of 7 types, namely:

– Type to a-1 with a value of 0 which consists of 0/0,0/1,0/2,0/3,0/4,0/5 and 0/6. – Type to a-2 with the value 1 which consists of 1/1,1/2,1/3,1/4,1/5 and 1/6. – Type to a-3 with value 2 which consists of 2/2,2/3,2/4,2/5 and 2/6. – Type 4 with a value of 3 which consists of 3/3,3/4,3/5 and 3/6. – Type to-5 with a value of 4 which consists of a 4/4,4/5 and 4/6. – Type 6 with a value of 5 which consists of 5/5 and 5/6. – Type to a-7 with a value of 6 which consists of 6/6.

Play with DominoQQ has several game types that can be selected and played together. Some type of domino game is played in different ways depending on the type of game. We will notify the type of the game of dominoes and how to play the game of dominoes played by the people of Indonesia and has also been played by the people of other countries.

– Dominoes was known by the name of domino, the game of dominoes where the players who play it with connecting dominos owned. The game is played by 4 people, the cards are randomized will be distributed to the player until it runs out. Players who get the value of the card 6/6 will start the game first, then the player will be issued a card number other 6 to connect the other card to the game will be completed if players spend card which has. Players who make card spending in turn in accordance with the hour hand moving.

– Dominoes ceme, dominoes ceme played by way of summing up the values on the two cards obtained players. On the two cards that summed up, the must-have value is with the value 9. The game is played by at least two people where one is the player and which of them is the dealer. If players get a high value of the dealer then the player would win double of the bet value. On the game ceme player who has a card value of more than two numbers then the calculation is to wear the second number to obtain victory players.

– DominoQQ, dominoQQ played with a way to combine 4 cards obtained by the player. Combining should also be given to have the highest value for the win which is the highest value combination of 4 cards that have a value of 6 on each card. The value of the other combinations where the player gets the card value of the card value above 40. Twin combination where players get the value of the cards the domino twins as much as 4 pieces. Players in dominoQQ played by a maximum of 7 people against the same other players.

Each domino game has how to play each, the excitement to play domino is also different depending on the players who play. Play the game domino also has the advantage of each where players play domino could be gathered in one place and share simplicity with, advantage the game of dominoes can also be played when gambling where players who win will have the stake of the other player.

Play domino is one powerful way to fill the void of the players who are busy and want to miss a day. Try playing a game of dominoes, you will feel the excitement of your own by playing dominoes.

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